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“Rumi Remembered II - Come to the Orchard” is Garo and Friends’ second CD which is entirely dedicated to English version poetry of Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi. As with the first CD “Rumi Remembered – Inspiration”, this CD is another invitation and an ode to remember the great twelfth century poet, mystic and spiritual teacher.

The Album is simply a continuation of the first one. It contains ten songs; nine in English and one in Turkish. All songs, as in the first one, are composed by Garo Altinian using the English interpretations of Coleman Barks. Although this album is similar in feel and design to the previous album, it features additional instruments such as clarinet, charango and piano. Cello, played by Ottawa cellist Joan Harrison, has a dominant presence throughout the CD. There are more instrumental passages and introductions and a steadfast presence of percussions. The result is an upbeat collection of songs designed to take the listener on a journey to the heart.

The musicians:
Garo Altinian – Composer, Lead Vocal, Guitars
Joan Harrison – Cello
Lucas Lacerda – Bass Guitar, Charango
Yves Saint-Pierre (Hadi) – Piano, Keyboard, Percussion
Agah Ecevit – Ney (Reed Flute), Clarinet

All songs composed and arranged by Garo Altinian
The album was recorded by Lucas Lacerda, mixed by Kerem Eker and was mastered by Jay Fee at Conduction Mastering Studio in Ottawa.

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Garo and Friends' CD 'Rumi Remembered – Inspiration' was launched on November 3, 2012 at the Remembering Rumi event at Eastminster United Church on Danforth Avenue in Toronto. The occasion was highlighted with the presence of the preeminent Rumi translator Coleman Barks, whose number of versions were adapted in creating the songs. During this heart-opening evening, Coleman recited poems in his highly distinguishable, mesmerizing style. Also participating at the event were whirling dervishes performing SAMA ritual to the sounds of traditional Turkish Sufi music.
All songs composed by Garo Altinian

Musicians on CD:
Garo Altinian – Vocal, Guitar
Amir Rahbar – Keyboard, Piano
Agah Ecevit – Ney (Turkish Reed Flute)
Samuel Bisson – Cello
Reza Moghaddas – Bass Guitar
Amir Samimi – Percussions
Lisbeth Helgesen
Golrokh Aminian

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