A Musical Journey
Garo and his Friends are a group of musicians dedicated to playing contemplative and inspirational music.
Since mid-nineties Garo has been composing music inspired by the Sufi and meditative spiritual traditions in the western pop/folk style. Over the years many talented and versatile musicians from different cultural backgrounds have accompanied him to present his songs to small and large audiences. Different musicians were part of various projects, like CD productions or concerts, and they have become known as ‘Friends’ of Garo and thus Garo and Friends was established as the group name.

Garo and his Friends produce music that is unique, meditative, and contemplative. Garo's repertoire consists of original compositions sung mostly in English and some in Turkish.



Released 2018
Released 2012
"Garo and his Friends are musicians for healing the soul and opening the heart." - Coleman Barks - leading interpreter of Rumi's writings

"I'd imagine that Garo is not the first to craft Rumi's words into songs, but it is also hard to imagine someone doing Rumi's beautiful words better justice. These arrangements really are exquisite." Amanda Putz - Former CBC Radio Ottawa 'In Town and Out' Music Columnist

“The world exists as you perceive it.
It is not what you see.. but how you see it.
It is not what you hear.. but how you hear it.
It is not what you feel.. but how you feel it.” ~ RUMI